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Opening doors to solar partnerships in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Providing local Saudi partnership for leading solar engineering and design companies

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Al Shoaibi

Managing Partner,

Saudi Arabia is on track to become the leading developer of solar power capacity in the MENA region thanks to its size, population and growing energy demand. The region offers ideal conditions for solar energy, with the potential to develop lucrative partnerships for international companies willing to establish a local presence. DarSolar exists to make this process quick, low-risk, and hassle-free.

Did you know?

Maha ShirahDarSolar
“The Saudi Arabian government plans to generate 10% of its domestic power from solar energy by 2020, growing to a capacity of 41 gigawatts by 2030.”
Browning RockwellDarSolar
“Saudi Arabia's petroleum demand is expected to triple by 2032, potentially making the Kingdom a net importer of oil.”
Abdulmohsin Al Shoaibi DarSolar
The annual solar market in the MENA region is projected to reach nearly 3.5 gigawatts by 2015—eight percent of global demand—and the majority of that market will be in Saudi Arabia.

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