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Saudi Arabia’s abundant natural sunlight, combined with new government initiatives designed to encourage the development of local solar energy resources, is creating exciting new opportunities for international partnership with the Kingdom. While there’s never been a better time to become established in this market, a local presence is critical to ensure success in the region.

That’s why we created DarSolar, a 100% Saudi-owned company designed to assist companies working in the solar industry who are interested in becoming established in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region. We provide companies—large or small—with an affordable way to engage the Saudi market during this critical period without over-committing time, money, or other resources.

Partnership with DarSolar makes sense for your organization if:

  • Your company wants to establish a presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), but isn’t sure about the most efficient and effective way to get started
  • You need one or more local representatives in the KSA with solar industry experience
  • You want a low-risk strategy that delivers maximum returns
  • You aren’t able or ready to establish a local legal entity…or want to start doing business sooner than such an entity can be established
  • Your organization wants to host an event in Saudi Arabi
  • You need a professional local management team
  • You are designing, building, or maintaining a facility in Saudi Arabia

While many companies offer agency or representation relationships in Saudi Arabia, DarSolar is the only one specifically focused on growing the solar industry and knowledgeable about its unique requirements—both in Saudi Arabia and in the international community. We’re here to support you with any level of involvement, whether you work with us as an incubator service until you’re fully established in the Kingdom, or choose to form a long-term partnership, franchise agreement, or consulting relationship.

We offer a complete range of solar engineering, project management, business development, professional certification, and other consulting services. Explore this site or contact us to learn more.



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