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Market Entry & Representation

Developing local contacts and establishing a strong brand identity are extremely important aspects of doing business in Saudi Arabia. You’re company can’t make that happen by sitting thousands of miles away. With DarSolar, you can have an immediate presence looking out for your interests in the region, giving you eyes and ears in the market and engaging local opportunities at whatever level you choose.

DarSolar’s LaunchPad service ensures that your organization acclimatizes quickly to local conditions with minimum cost and risk while enabling you to swiftly and effectively establish a local presence in the Kingdom. It’s the first step toward building your own presence on the ground, enabling you to plan your longer-term market strategy with invaluable first-hand market research and experienced local employees.

What DarSolar Can Do for You

  • Review or assist you in developing your market entry plan
  • Identify local employees with solar industry knowledge and expertise and recruit them on your behalf
  • Provide your staff with the necessary infrastructure, knowledge, and support to develop your business across the Kingdom, within a fixed budget.

Benefits of DarSolar LaunchPad

  • LaunchPad provides you with dedicated, full-time local representatives—without the need for a legal entity
  • A ‘hands on’ approach the significantly increases the progress of your local opportunities and activities while ensuring that your objectives are being achieved
  • A world-class office environment, creating an excellent impression for local businesses engaging with your company
  • A professional local management team will monitor your local representatives. Dar Solar provides you with an instant local team, enabling your dedicated representatives to focus purely on new sales and business development
  • All payroll, accounting, expense management, and compliance matters are taken care of by DarSolar
  • Provides a representative with relevant solar experience who reports directly to you, but with all the additional advantages of DarSolar support
  • An immediate, full time, local business development presence in Saudi Arabia
  • A hassle-free, low-risk, cost-effective and well-managed local presence
  • A genuine increase in your local business activity and opportunity

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